Matthew is on his way!

Heartfelt greetings to all of you, beautiful souls, without whom Matthew would not be on his way, today, to regaining his life from the monster that is RSD/ CRPS!

It is because of your outpouring of support, your donations, and, most importantly, your prayers, that Matt, his mom, Nancy, and brother, Daniel, are on their way to Saarbrüecken, Germany for the Ketamine Coma Protocol.

New England Ambulance graciously provided ambulance service from North Providence to Logan International Airport in Boston. Their fine employees, Dan and Colby stayed with them until they boarded the plane, this afternoon. – The employees of Lufthansa and the TSA were outstanding in helping us through a difficult process. They even arranged for me to have a special ‘Security Pass’ so that I could spend time with Matt, Nancy, and Dan while they awaited boarding. – Coincidentally, (or a Divine sign), an extremely helpful, Lufthansa manager was a resident of Saarbrüecken!

They will not arrive at the hotel in Saarbrüecken until approx. 3:00 am, U.S. EST, Saturday. – As soon, as Nancy can, she will begin posting messages here, so that you can know how Matt is doing. For it is because of you, that he is there!

As a parent, I cannot thank all of you enough, for what you have done and will continue to do on behalf of my son, Matthew. – May God watch over and bless you and yours!


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  1. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. We were in Saarbruecken for six weeks with our daughter, Alessa. We arrived back in the U.S. on May 9th.

    Alessa had been bedridden for over a year and couldn’t walk for over three years. Her full body pain was unbearable, not to mention all the complications that went along with it.

    She left Germany completely pain free and she could walk with help. As of today, she’s still pain free and she can walk and do steps on her own. She has her life back!

    Germany was a wonderful experience for all of us. We made wonderful friends there who helped us all along the way. The hospital staff, as well as the hotel staff, are very kind and caring. Matt, Nancy and Daniel are in very good hands!

    Terry Abruzzo

  2. Lisa Wright says:

    Dear Nancy,
    You and Matthew are truly blessed. You cannot get better than the good caring doctor and my helpful friend Ralph. I have been friends with Ralph now for 20 years. He is one of the most caring people I know. God bless and take good care of yourself as well.
    With love and prayers

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