Day 2 of Ketamine Coma Treatment

Hello To All,

Today was another beautiful, sunny day with a cool breeze… a picture perfect summer day.  Dan and I went to visit Matthew at our scheduled time in the Intensive Care Unit.  The doctor said that Matthew is stable, tolerating the ketamine well, and is on target with the schedule of his treatment.  The doctor explained that usually the first two to three days are usually uneventful (we are very thankful for), but it is from there on that things can really start to change.  Matthew continued to look the same as yesterday:  very peaceful.  The doctor suggested not to try to communicate with him to keep the room as quiet as possible.  It was very hard not to talk to him and let him know that we were there and that everyone is praying for him, but we always have and always will do what is best for Matthew, not what will make us feel better.  Melissa is also stable and is also on schedule with her treatment.

Daniel and I, after visiting Matt in the hospital, ventured out to find some place to get something to eat.  So we got off the Audubon and got lost.  We came across an asian food restaurant and we figured it might be a while till we get back to the hotel and figured we’d eat there.  With our good fortune, there were three women at the next table having a business meeting, that on their own offered to help us with the menu (and you know me that I like to talk to everyone) so I asked them if they could please give us directions back to the hotel.  They were so very kind:  they drew us a very detailed map.  I guess that they could tell that I was very lost.  I am so thankful that God continues to put good people in our path.  So we made it back safe and sound, obviously, because we are now blogging.  I remain so thankful that there is still more good people than bad in this world.

Please continue to keep Matthew and Melissa in your prayers.

Forever Grateful to all!



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