Day 4 of Coma – Matthew Remains in Coma, but Ketamine Still on Hold

Hello To All,


After an incredibly worrisome night, this morning we had a welcomed visit from our German friend.  He is an incredible tower of strength and the most thoughtful, caring gentleman that I have had the pleasure of meeting in years.  He spent time solving numerous of our other problems, from internet down to alarm clocks.  He has been a gift from God to us.  I truly cannot imagine where I would be without all the help he has so generously given to us, and is always adamant about never taking anything in return.


While visiting Matthew today, the doctor came in to go over everything that has been happening with Matthew.  The ketamine still remains on hold for a few reasons.  First, Matthew is having a problem with his lung functions/his lungs are retaining fluid, which the doctor felt was unusual for a 21 year-old man and also at this early into his treatment.  They have given Matthew medication to help this problem and the doctors said that it is helping him.  The next thing is that Matthew’s muscle enzyme blood levels that affect his kidneys have come down, but are not down enough yet at the current time to re-introduce the ketamine.  The next set of blood-work will be drawn at 8pm tonight and if the muscle enzyme levels continue to decrease, later tonight they will re-start the ketamine.  Matthew remains with a fever.  Cultures have been drawn and sent to the labs for analysis, so that the correct antibiotics can be started.  For the past two days that the ketamine has been put on hold, Matthew continues to remain in a coma.


Melissa continues to do well, God bless her.  And our German friend is so faithful.  He comes in everyday to visit her and check on her with the doctors. 


We have been, unfortunately, to many intensive care units in the past five years.  This intensive care unit runs like clock-work.  The doctors and nurses are the most incredible, knowledgeable, and caring team that we have been blessed with.  The intensive care unit is immaculate; the patients’ sheets always look like they just came off of an ironing board.  Everyday Matthew has been clean-shaved; today when I arrived they just got through oiling his legs and feet to keep his skin well moisturized, and he has been turned frequently.  They just absolutely take care of their patients’ full body needs.  It is just beautiful how they care for their patients.


I again ask you to please continue to keep Matthew in your prayers.  I love and miss all of you!  Your continuous support carries us through these very difficult and trying days, in which he never know what is going to happen next.  Despite these concerning complications, with all of my heart I believe that God will bless Matthew with a miracle in the end.


God Bless you all always!


Forever Grateful,




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  1. Jessica Woolmington says:

    To Russ, Nancy, Daniel and Matt,

    Every day I wake up and think of how you are doing even though I have not seen you in a while. Hearing about your condition, Matthew, made me really upset because you are such an incredible, inspirational and amazing guy. I miss being in middle and high school with you when we were so close and I miss seeing your smile so I hope that you will get better and survive this cruel disease, which you will because you are not a quitter, so that we can all see your shining, smiling face return safely home along with your family’s smiles too. It’s heartbreaking hearing your story because you guys have been through a lot and you need a break. So if there is anything that I could possibly do to help you guys out please let me know I will do whatever it is and whatever I can to be of assistance. It would be really fantastic to see you guys again! Take care and all my love, thoughts and prayers go out to you guys! Have a safe trip and I look forward to hearing about your updated progress!


    Jessica Woolmington

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