Day 5 of Coma – Ketamine Resumed

Hello To All,

God has heard the prayers of everyone and has Matthew back on track!  Thank you so much for all of your prayers and being so devoted to seeing Matthew through this.  As of early today, Matthew’s ketamine was turned back on. The doctors felt that his enzymes had come down enough and were within safe parameters to re-start the ketamine.  Late this afternoon, after the ketamine had been running all day, another test was done to check the levels, and they are continuously decreasing!  The medication that they are giving to help him is working wonders.  The doctor told me that we always have a back-up plan.  Matthew’s fever is better as now it seems to spike in the afternoon and go down at night.  All the cultures that they took to test for infections came back negative.  Also, the fever could just be the body’s way of reacting to so much happening to it.  The doctors are just so on top of him in every way.  He is truly in the best hands possible.  We are so very thankful that when the doctor came in to talk to us, our German friend was visiting Melissa.  He was so very instrumental in translating for us since this doctor spoke very little English (especially at this time when all of the details of Matthew’s health are so important to understand).   Matthew’s lungs are now doing well.  The medication for that has worked very effectively and they will keep him on this in hopes of avoiding this happening again.  I guess that Matthew’s body had a lot of adjusting to do to all of the high doses of ketamine.  Daniel and I say the rosary each day by Matthew’s side and in looking out the window, the view is absolutely beautiful.  You are so high up that all of you see are forests of trees.  The feeling of being so close to God gives great strength.

We have taken some pictures to post and we will do this at some point tomorrow.

Your love and prayers are sustaining us more than you will ever imagine.  I feel like Matthew has been in the coma for weeks already.  I ask you all to please continue praying for Matthew and Melissa, that God will keep them safe and wake them pain free.

God Bless You All Always!

Forever Grateful,



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  1. Jo-Anne Dettmann says:

    Praise be to the Father! You are in His loving arms, Matthew!

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