Day 7 of Coma – Matthew was never one to give up… He is still hanging in there.

Hello To All,

Upon visiting with Matthew today, the doctor felt that he is holding his own.  If Matthew’s condition remains the same, in the morning the doctors will re-evaluate his condition and maybe consider increasing the amount of ketamine that he is receiving.  Due to complications that have arisen so far, he is only receiving approximately half of the dosage of ketamine that was initially planned.  The great concern over raising it is that if Matthew starts to get into problems again, they will have to stop the ketamine again.  So tomorrow they will decide if it is better to let him finish the last amount of time in the coma with the dosage of ketamine he is currently receiving (as long as he continues to tolerate it), or increase the amount.  The number of critical factors that have to be considered to keep Matthew safe, aside from the ketamine, is truly amazing.

Dr. Rohr and his staff are constantly on top of Matthew’s situation.


Today we had our first experience with using the wash-house to do our laundry.  Our German friend is so patient with us and is always so willing to explain whatever we are doing. God Bless him!  I am used to putting clothes in the washer, adding soap and push the button… done! It’s not that easy here.  You have too many options for water temperature and types of clothing…


You just could not imagine the problems with this wireless internet for the past 10 days!! It’s up you spend a long time working on a project then lose it!!!! I have no more patients these days for this.  So tonight when this happened again, enough is enough!!!!

After almost an hour on the phone with the internet company, they were trying to diagnose the problem over the phone. Very unusual and this is a very complex problem I heard a few times, I thought I would fall off the chair!  After a very long time and losing another e-mail that I spent quite a while with he believes the problem will be solved! He was a very kind representative and keep researching I was not going to let him go until this was resolved. He said we have found the problem and in a few hours you should be golden!!! Time will tell….


 PASTA DINNER with Raffle Saturday, July 26th – 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Mary Mother of Mankind Church Hall

25 Fourth Street

North Providence, RI (off Mineral Spring Ave.)


This is to clarify that the above Fundraising Pasta Dinner for Matthew that will be held on this Saturday night is absolutely still on and that tickets can be purchased at the door.  We wish with all of our hearts that we could join you.  First because we love and miss you all, and second because we have absolutely no Italian food since we have been here.  Will someone please takes some pictures so that when Matthew is strong, he will absolutely enjoy looking at them.


We love and miss you all.  Please continue to keep Matthew and Melissa in your prayers.


Forever Grateful,




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  1. Kaila says:

    Auntie Nancy, Daniel and Matthew…

    Thinking about you everyday, hoping for a successful trip, and a speedy healthy return. Miss you all, and my prayers are with you every day. You have an army here fighting for you, be strong, have faith, and god bless. We love you.



  2. Anne Marie McDonnell says:

    Mrs. Irving-
    You are an inspiration to us all. All of you are in our thoughts and prayer- especially Matthew, of course. We also pray for Melissa. The basilica must be so beautiful!
    I will try to attend the pasta dinner. July 26th is the Feast of Sts. Anne and Joachim, the parents of the Virgin Mary. It’s also my patron saint’s feast day. That’s an excellent date for the fundraiser, and I’m sure that most of all, the grandparents of Jesus Himself will intercede in a special way for Matthew on that date!
    God bless you all!
    Anne Marie McDonnell

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