Day 12 – A Day I Wouldn’t Wish on Anyone

Hello To All,

All we can say tonight is that we beg everyone reading this to please pray for Matthew and to keep him safe.  It was a day, that until the day Dan and I die, we will never forget.  Since we have gotten back to the hotel from the hospital, it has been pouring so severely, that Dan said to me, “Ma, even God is crying.” And I said, “You are so right Daniel.”

God Bless You All,


Nancy & Daniel

5 Responses to “Day 12 – A Day I Wouldn’t Wish on Anyone”

  1. Anne Marie McDonnell says:

    We will pray hard.
    God bless,
    Anne Marie

  2. Pam says:

    Hold tight to the Hand that holds you through this journey and trust He is ever-building your testimony to be a light and encouragement to others … praying you through …. pam from nc

  3. Rosemary Giacomini says:

    Praying for you..


  4. Erikka says:

    Praying always!!!

  5. Jo-Anne Dettmann says:

    Today’s message at church was on prayer with an opportunity to step up before the congregation with prayer requests. There were 200 people praying for you, Matthew.

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