Day 15 – Storm Heaven with Prayers

Hello To All,

Matthew needs everyone to storm heaven with prayers tonight.  Tomorrow the doctors are hoping to try to take him off the respirator and today they started, ever so slowly (which is a good thing), to reduce the sedation medications.  So tomorrow is a very big day for Matthew.  With the grace of God and everyone continuing to pray for him, he will be able to breathe on his own, as he still deals with asthma and some pneumonia.  Again, like with everything else, they are taking things one hour at a time.  For most of our visit with Matthew, he remained sedated.  The doctors are continuing to work on his many complications, but dealing with his lungs and the withdrawal process on the top of their list.

Heartfelt thanks to Jed of mix 102 radio for his tremendous out-pouring of support to Matthew, who has been hourly dedicating a song to Matthew and will continue to do so until he comes home.  That in itself speaks of what an incredible radio station it is, to reach out and be such a source of strength at this time.

It continues to be in high 90s here.  There is no air conditioning in the hospital or hotel, but there is in our little SMART car, God Bless it.  And with 45 miles to the gallon, we took the scenic route back to the hotel.  So we went to the park to get hot dogs for supper, and in asking for a hot dog, this is what we got:

And the only thing I say is: “Where is the bun?”  I did not know what we were eating, but it tasted good.

So once again we turn to all of you to continue praying hard for Matthew, because all prayers are heard and tomorrow will be a big turning point for him.

We saw Melissa today and she looks outstanding.  She is doing so very well and will not be in the hospital too much longer.  Our hearts are full of joy for her and her family.

God Bless You All Always!  We love and miss you all!

Forever Grateful,




4 Responses to “Day 15 – Storm Heaven with Prayers”

  1. jed barton says:

    You guys are absolutely amazing, Matthew, buddy, you’re a true hero!
    You will pull through. is dedicating an entire weekend to Matthew, as we kick off our flashback 80s weekend, although we have given it a special twist.
    We’re calling the Matt Irving flashback 80s weekends, filled with all your 80s favorites to make you feel better, and give you your life back.
    The fun starts on friday at noon, and continues all weekend.
    Use your favorite media player, go to open url, and point it at this address.
    Matthew, you can do it man, you will pull through.

    Warmest Regards,

  2. Alan Sanchez says:

    Your son is in my prayers.

  3. Judy Hopkins says:

    I just wanted to say that i have been praying and will continue to pray for you and your family daily. i know how difficult this process can be, especially on the loved ones who are there in support of the coma patient. I hope that things go well today and that he comes out of this much smoother than the last attempt. I will continue to check in each day and pray that G-d guides matthew back to you and brings you home with a happy and healthy son.
    Love and prayers always,
    judy hopkins

  4. Anne Marie McDonnell says:

    We’re praying every day for Matthew and for all of you. Your entire family is a source of inspiration to us.
    God bless,
    Anne Marie McDOnnell

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