Day 16 – Another Disappointment

Hello To All,

Daniel and I went to visit Matthew today with great anticipation that the worse was behind him and that with the grace of God he would be better today.  Not so!  Upon trying to reduce some of the sedative medications today, Matthew, heart-breakingly, was still experiencing strong hallucinations (but not as intense as the initial wake-up); so he was re-medicated.  When we saw him today, his fever has been almost 104 degrees all day, which is considerably higher than yesterday.  He remains on the respirator and his respirations are labored. Our time today with Matthew was very limited due to the doctors needing to attend to the other patient in the room. God help him also. We were thankful that we had time to say the rosary by Matthew and see him for a while. I know Matthew is still in another world and probably didn’t know that we were even there. I guess it’s a mother thing that I felt I needed to be there!!! It has been five full days since the ketamine has finished. Matthew has required so much work from the nurses and they have worked so hard to meet all of his needs. They have continued to do an incredible job even during Matthew’s most trying episodes!!! God bless them all for their hard work!

The timing of an e-mail I received today gave us such needed strength.  We have posted it below if you wish to read it. If you start to read it, you need to go to the end for the incredible thought and strength it leaves you with!!!  The title of the blog entry is “A Beautiful Message of Support I Received” and the title of the story is “The Perfect Mistake.” Please continue to stay strong in praying for Matthew. He continues to need you more than ever to free his mind of these terrible hallucinations!  Please God bless his mind with peace and tranquility, and thoughts of birds, butterflies, rainbows, flowers, ect. (all the beautiful gifts that God has blessed us with and which Matthew loves so much).  We will continue to hold close to our hearts that Matthew will come through this strong and be blessed with the ultimate gift of a miracle!!! We beg you God.

So we leave you tonight with a sad heart, that Matthew is still enduring his battle.  We love and miss all of you and treasure reading every email we receive.  We have been strengthened and inspired by all of them.  It gives us a great sense of connection and strength.  It truly amazes me, each day when I open my email, people who we have never had the pleasure of meeting, taking the time to reach out to us and send such words of encouragement.  We have been truly blessed.

May God Bless You All Always!

Forever Grateful,



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  1. jed barton says:

    More prayers are being sent to you.
    The Matthew Irving tribute weekend is starting earlier than expected do to the situation.
    I just spent the last hour and a half selecting the right mix of tunes to play for this well needed strengthening tribute.
    Matthew, get better my friend, we all love you.

    Warmest Regards,
    Jed Barton and the team

  2. Lynn-Marie Russo says:

    Have Faith in the Lord

    Faith is being sure of what we hope for
    and certain of what we do not see.

    Hebrews 11:1

    I know.
    Sometimes it’s hard
    to put your trust
    in things you can’t see,
    or hear, or touch…
    But, luckily, with a God like ours,
    you don’t have to.
    Because we can see Him
    in the eyes,
    hear Him in the voices,
    and feel Him
    in the touch
    of people who care about us.

    Even though we have never met, we anxiously read every comment you post. Through your words, we feel like we know you and your family. We feel your pain and worry. Like you, we hope and pray for the best outcome. Please know you are not alone.

    All our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    The Russo Family – North Providence

  3. barbara primeau says:

    I , too, am a mother of a son in his 20’s. We have never met but for months your son, Matthew , has made his way into my heart and I carry him there in daily prayer especially at daily Mass and the Rosary.
    I check several times a day to read the latest update on his current status and marvel that Nancy shares her precious time and energy with those of us who in a mysterious way are intimately connected .
    May His peace that surpasses all understanding be yours.

  4. Vickie Thoma says:

    Hey Nancy and Daniel, I am holding vigil here in Texas for Matthew, I am putting his name on the bulletin board at church and will get word to the RSD/CRPS groups in Dallas also. I am so happy that you enjoyed “The Perfect Mistake” I thought of Matt when I read it, so I had to send it, I am glad you used it.
    I will keep praying every day, every chance I get, as if he were my own son.

  5. I check your updates several times daily, always hoping for better news that I’m reading, but I do believe that better days are ahead for you. Please stay as positive as you can and believe that this will work for Matthew!! We went through a much longer than anticipated time in the coma and re-intubation, etc. Tracy has told us over and over how scary the hallucinations can be, and others have had very difficult times with them. But all have gotten through it, remember that! I am sure the heat is not helping any of you. I did not realize (we were there in Oct/Nov) that there is no airconditioning. I hope the heat wave ends quickly!!! No wonder they take such long vacations in the summer. With our fervent hope and prayers that tomorrow is a much better day for Matthew, and consequently for the rest of you! A friend once told me “You are only as happy as your least happy childl”, and I so believe this. I know this has been a terrible ordeal for you, but things will get better. Postive thoughts and prayers. May G-d watch over Matthew and help through this as he begins coming back to a strong life! If you have skype, please feel free to call or e-mail me if I can help in any way.
    Gayle Brooks

  6. Anne Marie McDonnell says:

    We prayed for Matthew at mass yesterday at St. Patrick’s in Providence. I continue to pray daily for him. The greatest and most powerful tool is the rosary!
    Again, you’re an inspiration to all of us. I also sent Matthew’s name into Father McAlear’s web site and they are all praying for him. Father McAlear has a powerful ministry of healing and often travels to Providence.
    Well, as I prepare for my wedding on Saturday, I will still keep Matthew and all of you close to my heart and bring all these intentions to the altar at St. Casimir’s Church.
    God bless you all!
    Anne Marie McDonnell

  7. We keep thinking of Matthew and praying today is a better day. We’re hoping you’ll be able to let us know how he’s doing. I remember only too well how hard it is to update everyone when your heart is so heavy with worry. I wish you strength to get through these difficult days. Just remember that others have gone through difficult complications during the coma and weathered them. Please G-d, make Matthews trials lessen day by day.
    Gayle Brooks

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