Day 18 – A Message from Matthew

Hello To All,

Well… there is some good news and some bad news.  We’ll start with the bad news to leave you on a higher note.  Unfortunately, Matthew’s health condition has not changed and his fever remains at 103.8 degrees.  He also needs to remain on the respirator.

The good news is today the doctors continued decreasing Matthew’s sedative medications.  His body responded to that with intense thrashing in the bed and with body tremors/spasms, but during the time we were there, we did not see the intense/violent hallucinations that we saw the last time they tried to wake him up.  Also, for a couple minutes, Matthew had opened his eyes (although mainly staring at the ceiling).  His eyes had cleared up greatly (he did not seem to be in another world).  He was having one of his thrashing episodes and Daniel and I talked to him, and told him that it’s okay Matthew, we reassured him, told him to stay strong, and of the volume of people who are praying with all of their hearts for him, and told him that he made it through it and that he just has to try to relax and hang on another day until they can get this tube out of his throat, because resisting it only makes things worse.  We encouraged Matthew not to talk, but that we were there and that everything is going to be okay and tears rolled out of his eyes.  He absolutely, without any question of doubt, heard and understood what we said.  A while later, we stood by Matthew’s bed and said the rosary as we do every day, and when we completed the rosary and were at the point for conclusion to say the “Hail Holy Queen” prayer, I put the crucifix of my rosary beads on his heart.  As Dan and I said the prayer, and as soon as we started praying “Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, Our Life, Our Sweetness, and Our Hope,” Matthew immediately and intensely started speaking to us through motion by nodding his head up and down (yes…yes…yes).  To us, it was as if he was joining in the prayer with us! (As we always prayed the rosary together at night).  Anyone who knows Matthew knows how incredibly dear to his heart that the rosary is.  We promised Matthew that we would all continue to pray so hard for him, because he has done his part and for him to relax, and we will keep continuing the prayers.  With all of our hearts, Daniel and I looked to each other and smiled, thats all that Matthew ever wanted anyone to do for him… to pray for him.  It is without any doubt to Dan and I that Mathew was sending a message… yes… yes… yes… keep praying.  We believe and pray that it gave him great strength.

So I leave you tonight saying “Yes… yes… yes…” God is already hearing and responding to the prayers of everyone.  Please, please don’t stop.  Together as a team, we can carry Matthew through this… I promised him we would.  Our love for Matthew is so strong!  We can do it!  God Bless everyone of your golden hearts for reaching out to him.  So although Matthew’s health condition remains the same, we feel extremely encouraged that with the Grace of God, tomorrow will be even better.  We miss you all.  Stay strong.

Forever Grateful,



3 Responses to “Day 18 – A Message from Matthew”

  1. Patti Andoscia says:

    Still praying. Love, Patti

  2. Lynn-Marie Russo says:

    My heart was racing as I read your message. I am so glad you got a sign from Matt. May God continue to watch over you and your family. God bless you for your enduring strength, hope, and faith.

    Much love and prayers
    The Russo Family – North Providence

  3. jed barton says:

    Matthew, you are a hero my friend! We will all remain strong for Matthew, our prayers of love and support go out to him

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