Day 19 – Thank You God! Matthew is Making Progress!

Hello To All,

In visiting Matthew today, we, for the first time, felt that Matthew is moving in a positive direction.  The doctors were able to take him off the respirator today (he is receiving oxygen to help him during this transition). Matthew’s fever has started to decrease and his vital signs are all within good range.

During our visit, Matthew was medicated, but a few times he did wake up for a very brief period.  Although he is not able to speak at this time, Daniel and I definitely know that Matthew recognized us and our voices.  We sent everyone’s love and prayers to him and reassured him that tomorrow will be a better day.  During our visit, we did not see any of the tremors/spasms that we saw yesterday.  When the doctor came in the room, we shared what we were seeing of Matthew’s restlessness might be eased if he was un-restrained and that I think he is trying to get comfortable and get off his back; and Matthew shook his head up and down. We had a quick laugh because Matthew got his point across.  The doctor smiled and said ok, and that we’ll see if tomorrow we can get him to the point that we do not have to restrain him. We understood and agreed that it is only for Matthew’s safety, where he is still not fully aware of what he is doing, that he be restrained so that he will not fall out of the bed (and we tried to reassure Matthew of this reasoning).  A couple times while saying the rosary, Matthew turned his head towards Daniel and appeared to be trying to respond.  Daniel reassured him that he needs to rest and that we are saying the rosary for him; Matthew peacefully nodded back off to sleep.

After visiting Matthew, we went down to check on Melissa and to say hi.  She looks wonderful and is doing great!  She is a tough cookie.  Therapy is a challenge, but she is a strong lady.  She is pain free, except for some discomfort in her right upper chest/shoulder area.  She will be discharged to the hotel on Monday, have her first booster by the end of the week, and then fly home a few days after that.  She is a great person.  It has truly been our pleasure to meet with her and spend time with her, and her friend, Chris, who came in last week to help her.  Our hearts are so full of joy for her family and friends, but especially for her, as she will now enjoy life with her two beautiful daughters in a whole new way.  May God Bless her always!

Through this incredible journey of Matthew’s, we have been truly blessed to meet some of the most beautiful people on this Earth!  There are just so many who have, in the hundreds, reached out to Matthew in so many ways, but tonight I will mention one in particular.  His name is Jed Barton and he is the owner/producer of, an online radio station with great music.  He has, for months now, reached out and been an incredible supporter of Matthew and continues to share Matthew’s story.  But this weekend he has pulled out all of the stops and the entire weekend is a Matthew Irving tribute.  When he found out that Matthew loved music so much, and for the past year, he had not been able to listen to music due to the RSD pain in his ears, Jed is providing this weekend to send all of the love and support to Matthew that he possibly can and is making a copy of the weekend for Matthew, so that when he comes home, he can present it to him.  Below is the url to listen to this amazing radio station.

He and his team are an incredible group.  Thank you Jed and the family.  I know that when we return home, that Matthew will be so proud to humbly accept the CD.

No matter what the day brings, we try to look hard everyday to see one of God’s blessings.  Today, Matthew’s hospital room was full of them. 

The blessings of countless friendships, old and new, have carried us through these most incredibly hard days.  It was a gift from your hearts to ours, that was simply pure and true.  We cannot express enough, how wonderful it is, short or long, to receive notes/emails and posts that come to us.  I truly cannot adequately find the words to thank each and everyone of you for all you have done for us, in one way or another.

May God Bless You Always!

Forever Grateful,



4 Responses to “Day 19 – Thank You God! Matthew is Making Progress!”

  1. Patti Andoscia says:

    I am so happy for you all! Love Patti

  2. jed barton says:

    Matthew, buddy, you are a true hero! You did it man, this weekend is devoted to you. Our love, support, and prayers go out to you.
    We’re all so proud of you.

    Your Friend,

  3. Denise T Zavota says:

    Matthew, Nancy, Dan, and Russ!!!

    We are so very happy with all of our hearts to hear some great encouraging news. There is no way GOD would EVER ignore prayers for our wonderfully sweet Matthew!
    I said some intense prayers at church today and lit those GREEK candles for all of you!
    We love you so much – will continue to pray.
    Waiting for your arrival home – Frank and Denise

  4. LindaCic says:

    Dearest Matthew,

    Your prayers and ours have been answered. I am so filled with joy on your progress. Your faith in God will carry you through.

    GOD BLESS – Love, Linda

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