Day 21 – Another Blessing Today

Hello To All,

While visiting Matthew at the hospital today, the minutes seemed precious and few.  There was very little change in his condition from yesterday, although there were a couple of times that we thought he was able to recognize our voices.  In talking with the doctor today, one of the things that he mentioned was that Matthew needs a few more days of being sedated to help him.  His body and mind have been through a great ordeal, so, as the doctor told me, we just have to be patient for a few more days (we absolutely agree with whatever is best for Matthew, but being patient is always a challenge in itself at a time like this).  Matthew’s cycle of the high fevers seems to have been broken and all day his fever was almost normal.  That in itself is a big blessing, where Matthew’s body was enduring these high fevers for so long.  Today, I told Matthew that you all send your love and prayers.

On a different note, Melissa was discharged from the hospital today and she is pain free!!!!  We are over-joyed for her that she is now able to begin a new life!  She is an incredible person!

So that’s about all of the news here from Germany.  We love and miss you all!  May God bless you all always!  With all of my heart I thank you for taking the time to send Dan and I emails and/or posts on the blog, as we start our day by reading emails/posts and they give us more strength than you can imagine.  God bless you all for reaching out to us in the way you have.

Forever Grateful,



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  1. Joe Pagliarini says:

    The whole family is checking the web and praying for Matt and your family every day. I know that Christopher, Richard, and Tom check the website regularly and all made it to mass with us this week as they had to stop and pray for Matt.
    God Bless
    Joe and Elisa Pagliarini

  2. sheryl moran says:

    Nancy, I read your postings the first thing when i get home from work. I pray before reading it that it will be the news that you and your family are waiting to hear. Just keep hanging tough as you have been. I have been writing down several stories to tell Matthew about his mom from all those years ago when i see him. You know the stories i am talking about! I pray that each day will be a turn in the right direction for Matthew. My love to all of you. I cant wait to see you again. Love, Sheryl

  3. Nancy, Dan and Matt-

    So glad to hear things are looking good. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all- Keep the good news coming!

    Love and think of you all-
    The Poirier’s

  4. Cindy says:


    We are so happy that things are getting better. This has been a very long journey for all of you, but we know with all the love and prayers from so many people, the out come is going to be good. I look forward to reading your postings each day, and know that Matt and all of you are in our thoughts and prayers each and every day.

    Love and prayers,
    Cindy, David & Michael Bertoncini

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