Day 22 – Sleep and Patience…

Hello To all,

That’s what the doctor ordered… sleep for Matthew and patience for us.  He said that it is critical that Matthew’s body have more time to sleep and in a few days they will attempt to re-awaken him again.  In visiting with Matthew today, his breathing seemed to be less labored.  His fever remains down and his vital signs are stable.  It is never easy to leave, but Matthew did seem to be more peaceful tonight.  So tonight I guess that we will close with no news being good news.  And today’s blessing is that Matthew’s lungs seem to be a little stronger and he seems to be more peaceful.  I know that it must absolutely seem hard to believe, but tonight there is nothing else that I have to say… I guess that we all need to follow the doctor’s advice and just be patient.  Well… it’s 12:35 am here, and for once I am going to bed before 2 am.  Hopefully in a couple of days I will have news that will bring so much joy to all, but for now we are just taking things one day at a time.

We love and miss all of you.  May God Bless you all always!  Please continue to keep Matthew in your prayers.

Forever Grateful,



5 Responses to “Day 22 – Sleep and Patience…”

  1. Patti Andoscia says:

    Of course, I am still praying! Sara and Georgie send their love and prayers too!

  2. jed barton says:

    Matthew is a true hero, and a true surviver. God is watching over him, and great things are about to happen.
    Matthew, we all love you buddy!

  3. Chris Mendonca says:

    Hi Matthew! I love you. Sleep well. We will talk soon. Love, Kenneth

  4. Chris Mendonca says:

    I love you. I hope you feel better. You are a sweetie pie. I’ll see you soon.
    Hugs and Kisses,

  5. Cousin Tommy says:

    Hi Cousin Nancy, Russ, Daniel & Matthew,

    Hi Cousins,

    We all read with great interest evey day your blog updates and our hearts are full with joy that Matthew is improving each day, even though it may be at a slower pace than we would want. I just wanted to reassure you all that the prayers are coming every day and to be patient and Keep the Faith!!!!

    You are all in our prayers,

    Love Cousin Tommy

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