Day 23 – It’s Hard to Believe Another Problem for Matthew

Hello to all!

Since the end of last week, we have been very concerned because Matthew appeared to have no mobility of his right arm.  This was much more noticeable because those days he was experiencing many spasms/tremors in his left arm and both legs.  The thought at the time was that he was on so much medication and that his muscles just had absolutely no strength, and to wait and see what the next couple of days brought.  The doctors have been continuing to monitor this daily.  Today the doctor explained that they believe Matthew has what is called a frozen shoulder, which leaves me with great concern because they are extremely painful.  Physical therapy came in today to evaluate Matthew’s arm.  The doctor did say that tomorrow they will have a specialist look at Matthew’s right arm and shoulder, and have it x-rayed.  Upon visiting with Matthew today, he appeared to be heavily medicated and very peaceful.  His fever remains down and his breathing was much easier today.  Matthew’s vital signs were good and he looked a little bit stronger today.  Matthew had a very brief period of opening his eyes today, and although he was unable to visually recognize us, I asked if he could hear me and knew that it was Mommy.  I held his left hand and asked him not to talk, but that if he could hear me, to squeeze my hand… and he had a very strong grip.  And when I went to the other side of his bed, to try to re-position his right hand because it was caught under him, no sooner had I gently touched his forearm and hand, that he immediately (with his left hand) pushed my hand out of the way… and he had a great expression of pain on his face.  I told him to try to relax as I in no way wanted to ask if he was feeling pain (to bring that word back into his mind), although it appeared very obviously that it was painful.  We re-assuerd him that everyone sends their love and prayers, that he was safe, and that he was doing fine.  The doctors and nurses have continued to do an incredible job on fulfilling all of Matthew’s many needs.  Matthew continues to look so well taken care of. 

I thank all of you for staying so strong and for continuing to pray for Matthew daily.  The doctor said that hopefully in another few days they will try to wake Matthew up again and he will be ready for it. 

You are the most giving and thoughtful people, and are so willing to go that exta mile to bring a smile to Matthew’s day.  I have received quite a few requests for the address of the hospital to send Matthew a card to be there to greet him when he wakes up and to carry him during the days ahead.  Especially with the language barrier, it would be nice for Matthew to have something in English to read.  You are so right… and since so many people have asked through emails, I thought that I would share the address with everyone, so that if they choose to, the information would be available to them.  I am putting the hotel’s address because God willing, in a week, Matthew will be out of the intensive care unit and on a regular floor (based on mail we have already received, it takes about a week to receive mail from the US and I would have no clue where to tell you to send it).  It has worked well using the hotel’s address and we have been receiving mail here without a problem.  So the hotel’s address is:

    Matthew Irving Room #142
    Victor's Residenz-Hotel Saarbrücken
    Am Deutsch-Französischen Garten
    66117 Saarbrücken

 This has been a long haul for Matthew and we are so looking forward to the day that we can walk into his room, see him awake, talk to him, and see him smile again.  That would be one of the greatest gifts from God.

We love and miss you all!  May God Bless you all always!

Forever Grateful,




4 Responses to “Day 23 – It’s Hard to Believe Another Problem for Matthew”

  1. Kaila says:

    Hey guys,

    Just doing my nightly check on updates, and I can’t say that this was the news I was hoping for. My thoughts and prayers are strong for you all and I can not wait to hear what we have all been waiting for. That Matt is doing better and coming home to us. I love you all so much and I know that someone out there is looking out for matthew and all of you. We miss you, we love you.


  2. jed barton says:

    Good things are right around the corner, i can feel it!
    Matthew, we all love you buddy

  3. Nancy, Dan and Matt-
    Out thoughts and prayers continue to be with all of you. Good news will soon be coming your way!

    Miss and love you all-
    The Poirier’s

  4. Nancy,
    I’m praying for you and for your family that Matthew will wake up and be pain free as I did in Mexico. Is was very difficult for me and the hulcentations were scary at times. I got home on Saturday and am doing well and walking! Continue to be positive. Your strength is amazing.
    Carrie Deussing

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