Day 24 – In and Out of Reality, but Matthew Knows His Priority

Hello to All!

After 24 very long days, Matthew is finally coming back to us!  Today was a very emotional day for all of us.  The doctors have reduced some of Matthew’s sedative medication.  He was awake most of our visit today.  There was certainly a mixture of emotions.  He appeared to be very much aware of who Dan and I were.  He had times of frustration:  in trying to tell us something, his lips were moving but there was no sound.  At other times, we could, with our ear to the side of his face, make out what he was saying.  We tried at different times to tell him that he needed to relax, that the medication needed another day to get out of his body and he could communicate easier, and that his body would be stronger.  That apparently was not what Matthew wanted… he was determined to tell us what he needed to.  When the doctor came in for daily rounds, one of the things that she spoke about was Matthew’s frozen shoulder and how a specialist had come in to see him today, and felt that an operation, at this time, was not needed.  I shared with her that when I go near his right arm, he immediately pushes my hand away with his left hand.  She asked Matthew if he was having pain, and Matthew instantly shook his head up and down… yes… yes… yes.  She asked Matthew to show her where the pain was, and he did.  She said that in a couple of days, Matthew would be fully coherent and able to tell us more, and then the doctors would be able to better help him.  You could see that Matthew was very upset that the conversation would be put off for a couple of days.  Dan and I tried to hard to comfort him, and tell him that he was safe and that everything would be okay.  He kept repeating in a whisper, “Believe me… believe me…”;  I assured him that we did, and so do the doctors… that tomorrow he will be stronger and he can tell them exactly what he is feeling.

So the doctor told Matthew that he must try to eat before he can leave the floor and asked him if he would let me help him… and he shook his head yes.  So the nurse brought in a yogurt and I started to give Matthew a little, and he immediately pushed my hand away.  He blessed himself, bowed his head, and tried to fold his hands (no matter what medications Matthew is on, in Matthew’s mind, God is first)… I told him, “sorry Matt,” and we said grace with him.  For his first time eating any food in 24 days, he did okay with some yogurt, but swallowing was quite a challenge for him.

We were pleased to have a visit from Dr. Rohr.  When he walked in the room, I looked at Matthew and asked if he knew who this was.  Matthew shook his head yes.  I told Matthew that Dr. Rohr has taken very good care of him and Matthew blessed himself, tried to fold his hands, and bowed his head to Dr. Rohr.  I shared with Dr. Rohr that Matthew is very strong in his faith and has a very thankful heart.  Dr. Rohr smiled and said to Matthew that he was so very welcome.  So after speaking with Dr. Rohr, he explained that he does not think that the pain Matthew is speaking of is RSD pain… that it is much too early to tell… that anyone laying in the type of position that Matthew had been in for 24 days, would cause pain even to a healthy person’s back and body, let alone whatever this problem is with Matthew’s shoulder.  He told us that we need to continue to take one day at a time and see how it goes.

As it is always hard leaving Matthew, today was harder… it was the first time that he has seen us in 24 days and did not want us to leave… he did not want to let go of my hand.  As we always do, we reassured to him that he has been so brave and strong and that he has been doing so well, and that everyone sends their love, prayers, and support to him.

It brought Dan and I great joy to see the progress that Matthew has made and a few times that you could very easily tell that Matthew was dealing with something else on his mind, we believe that the worst was behind him and that is just part of the process, for him to still deal with other thoughts.  With the grace of God, each day Matthew will be stronger and his mind clearer.  We continue to pray for God to Bless Matthew with a strong body, mind, and soul.

Daniel and I do not just say this, we truly mean it with all of our hearts… we do not know where we would be without the incredible daily support that you have all so generously and genuinely blessed us with!  We truly will remain forever grateful!  Since this journey to Germany started, I have been saving every email, card, blessing, ect. to put together a book for him, so that when he is strong, he will realize the incredible magnitude of golden hearts that shared and supported his journy every step of the way (and when the going got tough, the tough got going).

We love and miss you all so very much!  May God Bless you all always!  With all of our hearts, we remain forever grateful!



4 Responses to “Day 24 – In and Out of Reality, but Matthew Knows His Priority”

  1. jed barton says:

    Matthew, you did it!
    Wow, this is so awesome to hear that he is getting better. This is such awesome news.
    Matthew, we all love you buddy. You can do it man

  2. Denise T Zavota says:

    Nancy, Russ, Dan and Dear Sweet Matthew,
    Reading about you and talking with your dad has had so many high and low times for all of us. We never lost faith. I know that it was you ,Matthew, that kept us believing that you would come home to us well and smiling. We believe that with all of our hearts. Still praying and sending our love. Can’t wait to see you. We sure do miss all of you!
    We love you!
    Uncle Frank and Aunt Denise

  3. Cliff says:

    I’m one of the silent ones that have been following your story for quite sometime now. I donated a little money to Matt’s cause & I’m really glad to hear things are starting to get better for him. Please kep us updated your doing a GREAT job.

  4. Kathy Donaldson says:

    Hi Nancy, Matt and Daniel,

    Glad to hear that Matthew is doing so much better. My daughter Chris has fully body RSD and waiting to come to Germany. She said to tell you that she said a rosary for Matt on her Medjagoria rosaries that were given to her.

    Love Kathy & Chris

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