Day 26 – Sadly, Matthew’s Up-Hill Battle Continues

Hello to all!

Upon visiting Matthew today, we found him heavily sedated, his body was extremely rigid, and was having some tremors.  Matthew had briefly opened his eyes and I asked him if he wanted a drink… he shook his head yes (when the doctor made rounds today, he had asked me if I would please try to get fluids or yogurt into Matthew, as he refuses to eat for anyone else but me).  Matthew took some juice, but was unable to swallow.  Instead, he continuously choked and choked on it.  Then, approximately a half hour later, the tremors that Matthew was having intensified to severe constant tremors.  At this point, his vital signs were out of control and he was continuing to sweat profusely.  When this was not stopping, I went and called for a nurse, who came in, observed, and medicated Matthew.  After another twenty minutes, Matthew’s condition and vital signs worsened and the doctor came in to evaluate Matthew and immediately ordered medication for Matthew.  The nurse was very kind to us.  Visiting hours had ended, but due to Matthew’s condition, allowed us to stay with Matthew until the medication took effect and his vital signs started to improve.  The doctor’s thought was that the new medication that they started Matthew on yesterday, to help him with his hallucinations, caused Matthew to have a severe reaction.

And if all of this wasn’t enough for Matthew to endure today (I hope that you are sitting down…), Matthew has a fever that was over 103 degrees.  Blood-work and cultures are being to identify the cause of the fever.  Daniel and I were so beside ourselves at what Matthew went through today that we went back to the hospital tonight around 9:30 to talk to the doctor about where the medication was at and how Matthew was doing.  Matthew’s nurse came to the door and she was very kind to us.  She encouraged us to come in and see Matthew after the incredible afternoon he had.  Matthew was sleeping and his vital signs, although still high, had greatly improved.  The nurse also told us that the new medication, that is thought to have caused these problems, is on hold for tonight.  So we only stayed for a few minutes, and before leaving Matthew, we begged God to watch over and protect Matthew and keep him safe.

After seeing the intensity of what Matthew’s body went through for a couple of hours today, his body has been through so much and I truly worry about how much more his body can handle at the pace and intensity of what he is enduring.  Truly, with all of my heart, I know that the prayers for Matthew are just continuous from all of you… and with all of my heart, I am forever grateful to all of you because tonight, again, Matthew needs prayers to storm Heaven on his behalf.

May God Bless you all always!  You have all reached out your golden hearts to Matthew.  We are truly so very blessed and thankful.

Forever Grateful,



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  1. Denise T Zavota says:

    Nancy, Dan, Russ, and Matthew-
    Everyone reading your daily emotional strains is praying for you and Matthew without you ever needing to ask anyone-that is for sure.
    We know how every moment means everything. We cannot imagine how you are even holding up after 26 grueling days and nights.
    Rest assured that the candles are being lit and God is being spoken to and he hears how Matthew needs him every moment.
    Bless you for being good to each other.
    Sorry we are so far away but here are our hugs – we love you so much.
    (Uncle) Frank and (Aunt) Denise

  2. Rosemary says:

    So sorry you have to endure this roller-coaster.

    I hope you will all have some good news and much-needed rest soon!

    You continue to be in my prayers.


  3. Maria Microulis says:

    Nancy and Dan
    I am sure this is extremely difficult for you all. Again, we are all
    praying for Matthew’s recovery. No one knows why God puts us
    through some of these ordeals, but we are stronger for it.
    Thinking of you all the time, God Bless you all,
    The Microulis Family

  4. Patti Andoscia says:

    I will surely pray harder tonight!

  5. Erikka says:

    Nancy and Dan,

    I keep on praying and hoping that the Dr.s can figure out the right combination of meds and Matthew’s spirt can stay strong. I am also praying for both of you too!

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