Day 28 – Thankful for Blessings, Both Big and Small

Hello to all,

Daniel and I were so encouraged to see a couple of improvements in Matthew today.  Even though they were small, we feel that he is starting back on the right track.  Matthew’s tremors are still constant, but mild, which is a big improvement since yesterday.  He was very quiet today.  Although he had no strength to even attempt to talk, today we definitely felt that Matthew knew we were there.  Another area of improvement was Matthew now being able to swallow very small amounts of liquid at a time.  It was slow and difficult for him, but he did it.  It is apparent how determined he is in believing that he will overcome all of these complications that he has been confronted with… with the Grace of God.  Although he continues to have a fever, the docotrs have not been able to find the cause of it, as of yet.

The night before we left for Germany, Matthew had a visit from a phenomenal person, who greatly influenced Matthew’s life and has carried Matthew through some the most difficult years he has ever faced.  He is an incredible human being, instructor, mentor and friend to both of my sons, Matthew and Daniel.  His name is Jery Potenza and we first met him when he became their Tae-Kwon-Do Instructor 14 years ago.  His wishes and words of encouragement to Matthew were to “Stay strong my friend and believe… and believe with all of your heart that you’re going to come through this fine.”  I found myself today repeating those words to Matthew a few times during our visit, and Matthew, with not much strength, nodded his head yes. 

The continued loyalty and dedication from Jed and the Team at ( has left us speechless (the URL to listen directly to the radio station is: They had just held an entire second weekend of tributes and dedications to Matthew and are continuing full support and encouragement of Matthew to see him through this tough battle until he gets home.  And in knowing how much Matthew loves music, they have been recording, day after day, all of the tributes to Matthew, to present to him when he gets home, which will give him countless strength and help him further realize the magnitude of support that was being sent to him.  They are truly a team of dedicated, caring individuals.

Dan and I have talked about how we could ever begin to properly acknowledge the tremendous out-pour of support that all of you have shown all of us… starting from our hometown of North Providence, Rhode Island, with three of Matthew’s teachers who became friends and then his guardian angels who set the pace… and it has been a domino effect ever since.  We have been truly blessed in countless ways.  We pray that God will Bless each and every one of you with good health, peace, and happiness, in which you are all so deserving of.

We love and miss you all!  May God Bless you all always!

Forever Grateful,




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  1. jed barton says:

    You guys are amazing. Matthew, i can’t even begin to tell you how proud i am of you. You are a true surviver, and a true hero.
    On behalf of everyone on the team, we all love you bud, be strong, you can do it!
    God is watching over you, and he’s going to bring you home safely.
    Sending all of our love and support to you.

    Your Friend,

  2. Hey Nancy, Matthew and family!

    I have just learned of your website and found it though a few of our mutual “coma mates” as I call them. I had the ketamine coma in Mexico last August and it helped me tremendously! I had gone into respiratory failure and on a vent for 8 months, been trached, on TPN for five years and unalbe to eat, and had a G tube (in my stomach) and a J tube in my intestines and not even able to leave my room or even sit up. I had many. many doctors that told me this would never get better. Well, almost a year after my ketamine coma, I am walking without a wheelchair all the time, eating anything and everything I want, and this week even had my trach removed. Actually, I used to be a softball player and even began throwing and fielding again at PT this week. I just want to encourage you that despite all the set-backs, long nights and battles that few understand, God is good and from what I have read Matthew is such a fighter!!! He will get there too! Great job Matthew, your spirit and faith is what will get you through! Know you are all in my prayers and if I can do anything please let me know! I have added you to our prayer list and will soon having an army of people praying! Hope to meet you all some day soon! God Bless you!

    Love In Christ,

    Lindsay Spengler

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