Day 30 – Imagine… Thirty Days in ICU

Hello to all,

Everyone’s prayers are being heard as Matthew has made progress today.  Today Matthew’s fever is much better, he was more awake, and did well with eating some yogurt and having something to drink.  The nurses were able to transfer him to a recliner for a few hours today.  The doctor could not stress enough that for all his body has been through, that he needs time to regain his strength.

With all of our hearts, we continue to pray for Matthew that God may Bless him with a miracle!

We love and miss you all.  May God Bless you all always!

Forever Grateful,



6 Responses to “Day 30 – Imagine… Thirty Days in ICU”

  1. Rosemary says:

    Dear Nancy, Dan and Matthew,

    So glad Matthew got out of that bed! God bless him for his strength! It must have been so good for you to see that. Keep up your strength. You are an amazing family!


  2. jed barton says:

    That is so awesome!
    Matthew, you can do it man, i can sense great things happening.
    We all love ya bud.

  3. HI Nancy, Daniel and Matthew!

    I have been reading all of your updates as I just found out about the website yesterday. You truly have been through more than anyone should have to endure, but Matthew, you are a fighter! I admire your faith tremendously as I know at times my faith in the Lord (and support of my family) is all that kept me going! I am happy to hear that things are improving as I continue to uplift you all in my prayers!

    I did have to laugh when I read one of your updates about Matthew wanting to get off of his back as I had almost an identical experience. One day I was moving around a lot and no one could seem to calm me down. I know I wanted to get off my back but was terribly frustraitng that no one seemed to understand. Dr. Cantu (the doctor that leads the ketamine coma study in Mexico) looked at me and said “I think she wants of her back.” I looked at him and wanted to give him a HUGE hug! I looked back at him and tried to nod my head franticallly. They adjusted my position and I have never been greatful to hear those words in all my life!!! Matthew, I am with you buddy!

    Love and Prayers!

    Lindsay Spengler (ketamine coma patient from Mexico)

  4. Jean Radican and Family says:

    Dear Irving Family,
    My family and I have been following the progress of Matthew. We are happy to hear that he is making progress. We have been praying for him as if he was one of our family members. May God keep the entire Irving family with faith during this stressfull period. We are looking forward to the return of Matthew, as his recovery improves. Our faith in God is what keeps us strong.

    Love to all,
    Jean Radican and Family

  5. Lori Sevigny says:

    hi i grew up in north providence i just wanted to say i have been following matthew from when i first read about it in the paper i was upset when i wasnt getting the paper every week i was so wondering how he was doing glad i found this web site so i just wanted to say to matthew an his family an friends is: GO MATTHEW GO!!! he is such an amaing young man dont think i could do what he is doing he is so brave god bless up matt hurry home to your new happy pain free life an enjoy yourself take care hugs an kisses from my family to yours

  6. Cindy says:

    We are so excited that Matt is eating, drinking and getting into the recliner! I knew that things were going to get better – how could they not with everyone praying for Matt and his family each and every day!! Keep the good news coming!

    Cindy, David and Michael Bertoncini

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