Day 32 – A Day of Blessings from Start to Finish

Hello to all,

In waking up this morning, the beautful sun was out and upon opening the doors over-looking the German-French Gardens, we could hear a beautiful song (in English being played).  The name of the song was “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee.”  When the song was over, I thought:  What a beautiful way to start the day with this blessing.  This morning, Daniel and I were thinking that hopefully, when visiting Matthew today, that he would have continued making progress and we would title the blog “Slow and Steady Wins the Race.”  But after visiting Matthew today, there was nothing slow about his progress… we feel that he has made leaps and bounds.

Mid-morning, our phone rang.  I was down-stairs getting some cereal to bring up for Dan and I.  Dan ran for the phone knowing that no one ever calls that early in the morning because it is still night time at home… and we also know that the hospital never calls.  So when Daniel answered the phone and it was the hospital, his heart skipped a beat.  It was Matthew’s nurse, Daniel, who asked Dan to hold on for a minute… that Matthew would like to talk to him.  He has been Matthew’s nurse all week and has done an incredible job in helping Matthew through many tough days, and it was a gift that he also speaks English, because the days are very long for Matthew, and with him still being on intensive care, the visiting hours are so very limited.  Matthew asked if when we came today, if we could bring him an orange drink (Powerade) and some ice-cream.  So Dan said of course.  When Dan went to ask Matthew how his night was and how he was doing, Matthew said that he had to get off the phone because the nurse was nice enough to let him use his cell phone and didn’t want him to have a big bill.  So Dan said no problem and we will see you in a little while.  I got back into the room five minutes later and when Dan told me that Matt just called, I couldn’t believe that in thirty-two days of hardly being out of the hotel room, that I would miss this call.  And then I thought… how incredible… that Matthew was able to call Dan and talk with him.

Then, the next dilemma came into play:  today is a holiday here in Germany and stores are closed.  We knew that we had to find ice-cream somewhere because Matthew never asks for anything… so we absolutely had to bring him some.  The hotel that we stay at is called Victor’s Residenz-Hotel Saarbrücken.  The entire staff here has helped us out of many jams and is always so willing to go the extra mile, with a smile on their faces, and say “No problem.”  Knowing that, I went to the front desk and told them about Matthew’s call (they daily ask us how Matthew is doing).  The staff said that it was not a problem and came back a couple minutes later with a large cup of ice-cream, all packed in ice and ready to go; and said that for Matthew, it was on them and that the pleasure was all theirs… they were so happy to do that for him…  Who could ask for anything more?  It goes without saying that Matthew thoroughly enjoyed the ice-cream.  Although he could not finish it all, the nurse was very happy to see him eating something because he has been eating very little.

Matthew was exhausted and told the nurse that he was unable to tolerate sitting in the recliner any longer and so the nurse said that was fine and that he would get him back to bed.  Today was the first day that while the nurses lifted Matthew to transfer him from the recliner to the bed, that they stood Matthew for a few seconds.

In saying the rosary with Matthew today, he immediately blessed himself and the three of us said the rosary together!  Although, when finished, he was weak, exhausted, and ready to go to sleep for a while, Dan and I felt that it was a gift that gave us incredible strength to have Matthew back to us and saying the rosary with us, as today Matthew was more coherent than not.  God must have known that we were in desperate need of a day like this! 

On the way home from the hospital, Dan and I saw a beautiful sunset over the river and thought that today has been full of blessings from start to end.  Everyone’s prayers are certainly being heard.  There are no words to express our gratitude for your genuine love and support for us.

We love and miss you all.  May God Bless you all always!

Forever Grateful,



8 Responses to “Day 32 – A Day of Blessings from Start to Finish”

  1. Hi To all!

    You made my day in hear how Matt is doing!! Praise God!! God Bless You All! You guys have waited so long for this and I am thrilled for you all more than i can say! I know after I woke up from the coma, and was able to do more, every experience brought me the greatest joy! from eating again, to sitting with little pain, to walking, anything actually, it was as if I was experience it for the first time. Yet, the first time i was not old enough to understand the magnitude of what was happening! 😉 This time, I did! And you are one you way Matt!

    I did have to laugh. Didn’t you know it was a law that if the parent leaves the room once in a 100 hours that is when the doc will come or something will happen. i know that ALWAYS happened with my mom . DIdn’t matter how long she stayed or what time she left. It has to be written down SOMEWHERE!!

    I will continue to pray that Matthew’s strength improves as I know it will! Again, God Bless you (Matt’s parents) as I know how grateful we are to have you! I am with my family. Thank you, from us all! You make this possible and you never, ever gave up even when the medical community said there was “no hope”. Hmm.. I would call this HOPE!!!

    Love In Christ,

    Lindsay Spengler

  2. Denise T Zavota says:

    Matthew, Nancy, Dan, and Russ –
    So many times in reading your daily blogs, there were tears.
    In reading this one,however, there were tears again, but for the first time, TRULY they were tears of JOY!!!
    We LOVE you so very much and we are sending HUGS filled with as much love as you can accept!
    May each day bring your miracle closer.
    We love you and can’t wait for you to come home.
    (Uncle) Frank & (Aunt) Denise

  3. Jo-Anne Dettmann says:

    Oh, Nancy and Daniel, when I read today’s blog it brought me to tears. I am so happy that Matt is making progress. Tell him that he was like a grandson (you, too, Daniel) to my mom, and I’ll bet God has allowed her to watch his progress. I think of you, too, Russ, and how incredibly hard it must be to wait and carry on in RI. Thank you, Lord, for continued progress for your child Matthew.


  4. Kathi Salvatore says:

    God Bless you, Matt! Keep moving forward taking one day at a time.

  5. Margie Varrecchione says:

    Hi Nancy, Dan and Matthew!
    We have been reading all the blogs regarding Matthew, and my husband Tony and I have been praying for him daily. We were elated to hear of Matthew’s fantastic progress of late, especially the happenings today, the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady! I guess Mary just wanted to let Matthew and you know in a special way how happy she is that you all have such a special devotion to her rosary! God Bless you all! Your strength and courage is so inspiring!
    Love and peace,
    Margie Varrecchione (Mrs. V. to Matt)

  6. Everyone progresses at their own rate. Matt came in so debilitated. We all entered this great coma experimental protocol with the greatest of hopes and many of us went through hell to get our children back. Most of us have succeeded at least to the point that they are a lot better than before. Matthew will get there – as Dr. Rohr noted, (he told us the same thing and was so right!) he’ll soon be on “the other side of the mountain”. Nancy, you have been so strong through all this. Thank G-d it seems the worst is over. Soon you’ll be spending much longer periods of time with Matthew, and that is good for both of you. Dan is a blessing as well. He has shown such devotion. I can’t imagine what this has been like for Russ at home, waiting for your calls each day and unable to be with you.

    Here’s to more good news of progress on Day 32!
    Gayle Brooks

  7. jed barton says:

    This is awesome! I somehow knew this was going to happen.
    The song we just played for Matthew as a personal dedication, and one that he deserves. love will keep us alive.
    Matthew, you’re a true hero buddy, we all love you.

    Your Friend,
    Jed and the mix crew

  8. Amazing, all this on the Feast Day of the Assumption of the Blessed Mary!!!

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