Day 35 – Treatment Continues for Matthew

Hello to all,

Matthew’s four years of Spanish at North Providence High School came to his aid today in Germany when the dietitian taking orders for the next couple of days spoke only German and Spanish.  It was so nice to be able to communicate what foods Matthew likes to eat.

I am sure that everyone, as we, are very anxiously and prayerfully awaiting to know the results of how the treatment has affected Matthew’s RSD.  As of last Tuesday, August 12th, Dr. Rohr started Matthew on a ketamine infusion (as he was having RSD pain).  He will continue having the infusion for a few more days!  We will have to wait until the ketamine is completed to re-evaluate where, if any, the RSD pain is for Matthew… He has not been able to start physical therapy yet… Dr. Rohr told us that Matthew is one of the most complex RSD cases he has treated.  We still believe that a miracle awaits Matthew!

We love and miss you all.  God Bless you all for being so faithful and supportive of Matthew, and us, as his journey continues!

Forever Grateful,


Dan (Matt’s Brother)

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  1. jed barton says:

    Hey guys,
    Well, i know a miracle is going to happen. He’s made it this far, let’s go for the gold.
    I am sure that everything will be OK. Matthew is a strong guy, and i know he’s determined to make it work.
    Hang in there, you guys are doing awesome.

    Sincerest Regards,

  2. Jessica Twite says:

    Now that is awesome! So he is speaking pretty well than huH? Way to go matthew! Glad things are looking up for ya’ll. Sorry these posts are short, but I dont have much time to spend on them atm. :( Wish i did though..

    I will try sometime this week or when i get back from camping to find more pictures to send ya’ll. I know they make me smile so i hope i can do the same for you :)

    With love and kindness,


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