Day 37 – Still Waiting

Hello to all,

Today, we waited again for the specialist to come in and evaluate Matthew, but no one came.  My most difficult problem at this point is that there are many decisions to make and Dr. Rohr is out of the country this week.  Matthew has not been allowed out of bed for the past five days.  Although he is still weak, Matthew has a strong spirit and determination that is carrying him through.  Hopefully by tomorrow this time, many questions will be answered by the new specialist that will be coming in.  We have decorated Matthew’s wall with all of the beautiful cards and messages that you have sent to him (I will post a picture of it tomorrow).  We call it the “Wall of Strength.”  It has brought Matthew much encouragement and support.  It has brought him much joy and has warmed his heart during these still trying days.

We love and miss all of you.  May God Bless and reward each and every one of you in the way He knows best for all that you have done for Matthew, and all of us… because seeing Matthew smile gives Dan and I great strength also.

Forever Grateful,



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  1. Hello All,
    I just had the pleasure of meeting Melissa yesterday at Dr. S’s office. We were both getting our 2 week booster from after the coma. I got back from Mexico on 8/2. She had wonderful things to say about you all. Although I teased her that I had air conditioning in my hospital room, we shared a few good stories and will continue to keep in touch.
    I know Matthew will do well. It’s frustrating when the doc is away but hang in there. Keep up the great work everyone.
    Best wishes,
    Carrie Deussing
    Mexico coma patient #13 (lucky 13)

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