Day 38 – God Has Blessed Us With Matthew

Hello to all,

Daniel and I were so thrilled to be able to bring Matthew back to the hotel today and to be together again. There were days we feared we would never see this day! Just getting Matthew to the hotel was a huge work-out for him to go through, as he is still very weak. Matthew has been through an incredible ordeal, and he has a lot of recuperating to do, but for all he endured, it wasn’t for nothing.  Many of Matthew’s problems due to his RSD and some of his RSD pain in other parts of his body are so much better than before he went to Germany, to be treated for his full body RSD type II.  Unfortunately, it is with a greatly saddened heart, that I write to tell you that Matthew is still enduring severe, throbbing pain in his right foot and it has started to extend up his lower right leg, which is new; the pain in his left foot remains strong. Seeing Matthew wake up to this level of pain like this breaks you in a way no words can express. The doctor told us it is so very rare for them to treat RSD type II patients here in Germany and that Matthew has been the worst case they have treated. It was due to the severe extent of Matthew’s RSD condition that Dr. Rohr was willing to try to help him. Matthew had absolutely no life before Germany. He was a prisoner… trapped in his own body… living in a quiet dark room!!! We are and will always be truly forever thankful to Dr. Rohr for all he has done for Matthew in both giving him this opportunity and pulling him through many severe complications. It was very sad for us to leave and not personally extend our greatest heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Rohr, as he is still out of the country in Glasslow, Scotland, at a conference. Dr. Graf felt that there was nothing else to offer Matthew… everything possible here had been offered to help him and it was time to go home. Hearing that again was hard to take.  We had become very fond of some of the doctors and nurses and will miss them. Dr. Heger is an outstanding doctor and person, as he went so out of his way to help Matthew through the last two tough days. I will not forget him. The entire staff at the Victor’s Residenz-Hotel Saarbrücken was outstanding and always made us feel very welcomed.

Since the onset of RSD I have begged God countless times a day to bless Matthew with a miracle and free him of this horrible monster of a disease. In the past month, Daniel and I found ourselves countless times a day begging God to bless Matthew with a miracle, his life. And that he has. We are eternally grateful for that.

Matthew will find the strength and courage to continue, as courage is not a lack of fear, it is doing in spite of fear!

We know God is not walking out on Matthew, as without a doubt he has carried him so far and been with us all the way that he will not abandon Matthew now! There is something in store for Matthew that we just can’t see at this time!!!

Matthew will continue his treatments with Dr. Schwartzman in Philadelphia and one never knows the outcome. Every day brings new hope that there will be rainbow waiting for Matthew and for all who suffer with this horrific disease.

I once read a quote that came to mind tonight in thinking about Matthew:  “A hero is not one that never falls. He is the one that gets up, again and again, never losing sight of his dreams.” Matthew is my hero!

Matthew is leaving without a doubt better than when he came!!!!!!! Thank God for that!!!!!!!!!!!!! And without all of you, this journey with Matthew would never have taken place!

Forever Grateful,



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  1. Jessica says:

    I am so very happy for you guys. GOOD JOB MATTheW! i am so happy for you. I know you are still in pain. and I hope one day all of that will pass without giving it a second thought. I try to imagine goin through that kind of pain, but its not that easy . I wish i could do something more for All of you. I do wish ya’ll love and luck.

    <3 i will look for pictures :) those always seem to bring smiles.

    <3 jessica

  2. Hi Matthew, Nancy and Daniel!

    I am happy to hear that Matt is in the hotel! I am sorry to hear that he is still having to much pain in his leg! I cannot imagine how hard that is for you all! I love the quote that you had posted! I love quotes and draw so much strength from them! One of my favorite that is such a reminder to me. “Trust God in advance for things that will only makes sense in reverse.” I know that you are all doing that and I know how hard that is! I know God has Matthew in His hands and know that he has a reason for all of this. Though it is very hard to understand this side of heaven! I too, know that HE has HUGE plans for you Matt! Keep up the fight!

    Love In Christ,

    Lindsay Spenger (coma patient from Mexico)

  3. Jed Barton says:

    Matthew, you did it buddy! I am so proud of you. You made it through, and things will without a doubt get even better for you.
    We have steped up our tribute to Matthew on the station this weekend, in the hopes of making him feel good again.
    We all love you.

    Your Friend,

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