Days 39 and 40 – Matthew is Home but Not for Long

Hello to all,

Dan and I can’t believe that for all of the days and incredible things that have gone on… that we never missed writing to you… and yesterday was one of the most hectic days.  With short notice of needing to bring Matthew home, needing to make arrangements, and having to pack, we went to bed at 3 am and realized that we forgot to do the blog.  But at that point everything was already packed up.  The trip home took quite a toll on Matthew, but thank God that we all made it home to America safe and sound (there is no place like home).  But unfortunately, it’s not for long.  In speaking with Dr. Schwartzman’s office yesterday and updating them with where Matthew is at with his RSD, Dr. Schwartzman felt strongly that Matthew needed to be admitted to the hospital in Philadelphia directly from Germany.  However, after countless attempts to re-book a direct flight from Germany to Philadelphia, there was no way to arrange this with just hours of notice.  Matthew is having severe pain and throbbing in his right ankle and right lower leg, which are new.  He remains with RSD pain in both of his feet, as before.  So Matthew will get a one day reprieve before flying to the hospital in Philadelphia.  So Matthew and I are scheduled to fly out first thing Monday morning for admission to the hospital in Philadelphia.  The last thing that Matthew wants to do is to endure more CVP lines, epidurals, ect.  But Dr. Schwartzman felt strongly that it is critical to be aggressive with this new RSD pain.  We have always felt very blessed, from day one of meeting Dr. Schwartzman, that Matthew was in the best hands that anyone could hope for.  We will update you more tomorrow, as it would have been 3am in Germany at this time, and between only getting a couple of hours of sleep last night and the jet-lag, we are all exhausted.

We love and miss you all!  May God Bless you all always!

Forever Grateful,




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  1. Hi To All!

    I am glad to hear you all made it home safely! I am sorry that Matt has to be admitted but I know that we are all blessed to have a goal for us that he will not rest until you are pain free and/or at least back “into life” in Dr. Schwartzman’s words! There are a lot of docts that are satisfied with “better” even if it is very small. KNow that you are constantly in my prayers!

    Love In Christ,

    Lindsay Spengler (coma patient for Mexico)

  2. Jed Barton says:

    Hey guys,
    Well, i am glad you made it home. As hard as i’m sure it is to leave, it will hopefully bring Matthew a miracle to him, and make him better.
    Matthew, you can do it buddy!

    Your Friend,

  3. Jo-Anne Dettmann says:

    I am praying for all of you as you take yet another step in this painful journey. May the Lord bless and protect you. May the Lord bring complete healing to you, Matthew, in Philadephia.

    Jo-Anne and Ron Dettmann

  4. Anne Marie McDonnell says:

    Welcome home! Our prayers are with you as you go to PA. God bless you, give you continued courage and strength, and stamina to reach your goal of getting Matthew well again!
    God bless!
    Anne Marie McDonnell Vale

  5. Cindy says:

    We are so happy to hear that you are back in RI, but are sorry to hear you are leaving again. We are praying that this is just a set back and the doctors will beable to control the pain. Our love and prayers are with you each and everyday!! Looking forward to news on Matthew.

    Love and prayers,
    Cindy, David and Michael Bertoncini

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