Updates from Philadelphia

Hello to all,

Matthew coming to Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia for admission for continued testing and unexpected treatment was the last thoughts that Matthew had upon leaving Germany.  He was physically very weak and incredibly emotionally drained.  Matthew had many complications that were not resolved before being sent home to America.  Again, Dr. Schwartzman, even from a great distance and being on vacation himself, heard of Matthew’s need and immediately gave Matthew his full attention, and saw to it that all specialists that Matthew needed were coordinated and ready for Matthew on his Monday admission.  Also, Dr. Schwartzman’s nurse, Lynn, and staff, did an incredible job in coordinating Matthew’s admission and all of the doctors needed.  Even though it was late on Friday afternoon they all stayed until everything was done for Matthew’s admission.  They did an outstanding job.  On Monday, when we arrived at the hospital, everything went like clockwork and all bases were covered.  Dr. Schwartzman is not only a brilliant physician, but he truly cares about his patients and will go to the ends of the Earth to do whatever he can for them.  Matthew is so very blessed to be in his care.  All of the doctors who came in to evaluate Matthew were fully aware of the incredible journey in Germany and were extremely understanding and accommodating, and provided anything they could to help Matthew through this.

Today, Wednesday, the doctors here are getting Matthew on track with the results of testing, what needs to be done, procedures, adjusting medications, ect.  And now that all of that has been done, Matthew, today will be taken down to have an epidural placed in attempts to suppress all of Matthew’s RSD pain, both old and new… because left untreated, the very realistic results would be Matthew quickly re-living the nightmare he was in before leaving for Germany.  Everyone involved is aware of this and that is why everyone is moving so very quickly to do this for Matthew, and for this we remain forever grateful to all involved.

With all of my heart I know that it is because of the continuous prayers of all that God has continuously opened doors for Matthew.  While Matthew is in the hospital in Philadelphia, we will update Matthew’s blog on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and if anything major happens in between, we will update it again at that point, until we get home.  You have all been such a huge part of this journey of Matthew’s and have continuously been so faithful in providing support and strength in so many different ways… it truly sustains us in more ways that you will ever know.  I will truly remain forever grateful to all of you.  May God Bless you all always!

Forever Grateful,



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