More Bumps in the Road for Matthew

Hello to all,

I am so sorry that I missed writing to you on Friday.  This has been the most continuously draining journey that words could not adequately describe.  Matthew, late Wednesday afternoon, was taken down to the O.R. and the doctor was incredible.  He successfully placed the epidural on his first try.  By late Wednesday night, Matthew was starting to receive some pain reduction in his feet and the plan was to keep the epidural in for five days and each day increase the dosage.  On Friday morning, when a different doctor came in to change the epidural dressing, he said that the epidural had fallen out of Matthew’s spine.  The epidural was not able to be put back in because Matthew remains on blood thinners and due to the way that the epidural fell out, they needed to watch for any internal bleeding for 48 hours.  Also, Matthew has great hesitation about re-inserting an epidural because it might bring back his RSD pain in his spine.  And that is certainly one nightmare that he does not want to re-live.  And then, of course, that brings us into the middle of a holiday weekend.  On Saturday, Matthew had an MRI of his right foot and ankle to shed any further light on the excruciating new pain in Matthew’s right ankle and lower leg.  He remains unable to bend his right ankle or bear any weight on his right foot.  Today, the doctors started introducing an oral form of a blood thinner, in order to wean him off the two times a day shots of blood thinners, that he has been receiving for the past seven weeks. Tomorrow, Matthew is booked for another MRI and Dr. Schwartzman returns tomorrow, and at that point he will further guide Matthew as what to do next to resolve this pain.  So again, we have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.  Matthew is trying very hard to remain positive enjoy the relief that he has received from his RSD pain in the rest of his body, and of the many horrible symptoms of the RSD that he was enduring before the ketamine coma; but it is hard with this new severe issue of RSD in his leg.  And with the Grace of God, it will not continue to spread. 

Please God, Bless Matthew with the strength to stay strong and continue to maintain his positive attitude.

May God Bless you all always!

Forever Grateful,



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  1. Hi Matt and Nancy!

    I am so sorry that is has been such a rough road! The ups and downs are exhausting I know! In different ways than before! Know that you are in my prayers and am so happy to head Dr S is back tomorrow! I will also keep him and the other docs in my prayers for wisdom as they decide what step to take next. God has brought Matt this far and I know He will not stop now though it is hard to make sense of anything that is happening!

    Love In Christ,

    Lindsay Spengler (coma patient #7 in Mexico)

  2. Erikka E says:

    Keep fighting! Your family continues to be in my prayers as your journey continues.

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