It’s Hard to Believe That It is Friday Again

Hello to all,

At a last minute change in plans, the doctors decided that it would be best for Matthew to try two different other types of blocks.  As usual, Matthew’s trust and faith in Dr. Schwartzman’s guidance came through for Matthew.  This was the first time in five years of countless blocks, epidurals, procedures, ect., done at numerous different hospitals, that there was success in achieving total numbness in Matthew’s right foot and also in his right leg.  In the past, none of the procedures were able to free his right foot of pain.  Dr. Cohen did a phenomenal job and was beyond compassionate and understanding of Matthew’s inability to endure more pain that he already has.  The unfortunate part is that the block only lasts for approximately sixteen hours, but for Matthew, it was sixteen hours of heaven.  While the block was still working, the doctors started a five day infusion and when the block wore off, his pain came back, but there were some positive changes from the block, such as Matthew being able to, with the guidance of physical therapy, tolerate (with great pain) putting his foot down on the floor.  Before the block, Matthew was unable to tolerate even just putting his toes down.  So the plan is to run the infusion for five days and then they will repeat these blocks again, in hopes of increasing the mobility of Matthew’s foot and also, with the Grace of God, permanently reduce or eliminate his pain.  We both cannot wait to get home, but despite this new ordeal of the spreading of Matthew’s RSD pain to his right ankle and lower leg, Matthew is experiencing an incredible difference from before the ketamine coma.  The RSD had taken such a toll on Matthew’s body and his resistances were so low, but Matthew is very thankful for the great relief in so many ways that he has received.  In many different ways, I believe that Matthew was blessed with the miracle of his life in coming through some of the most incredible, critical weeks of his life in Germany.  We continue to pray for and believe that a miracle will happen for Matthew.  With all of my heart, I thank all of you for your continuous support and prayers, and for seeing us through until the end of our journey, when we can come home.  The doctors and entire staff here have been so good to us, but there is still no place like home. 

May God Bless you all always!

Forever Grateful,



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