An Update at Last

Hello to all,

We are home at last but not for long.  I would first like to say that with all of my heart I truly thank you for the incredible volume of continuous emails of support.  That has been an incredible gift to us and is never taken for granted.  This has been the most incredible journey, filled with so many ups and downs, and so many different emotions.  This evening, for the first time since the days before we left Germany to come home, that I have had the chance to check my emails.  I have over two hundred new emails to open.  After a couple of hours of reading emails, I realized that it is getting so late, that I better get to the blog, and as it works out, I will, some at a time, read and share with Matthew all of your emails.  They will bring him so much joy.  It will take me a while, but I will be happy to respond to your emails.  Please do not feel that I do not want to , especially those of you have shared your own heart-breaking stories with us (and there has truly been so many of these kinds of emails, our hearts and prayers go out to each and every one of you).   

Matthew was discharged from the hospital in Philadelphia at the end of last week, after eighteen long days and nights.  We are beyond exhausted, drained, and so very incredibly run down.  Upon heading to Philadelphia for Matthew’s admission, I was unable to take a laptop with me.  It really gets to be quite a circus act with me trying to push Matthew and pull a piece of luggage, especially when I can hardly even walk myself.  So I was not able to read or respond to any emails.  While we were in the hospital, I would call home to Daniel to type the blog for me, (that is never a quick thing to do with me) but then it got to the point that his schedule was so demanding, and this semester of night after night staying up late studying, I didn’t have the heart to put one more thing on his back.  It was not my intention to just stop updating all of you, but life took over and one day just runs into the next.  In just the few days that we have been home, trying to set up appointments with nurses, labs, surgical suppliers, physical therapy and calling pharmacies, the days have been very hectic.  In placing numerous calls, the first question that I was asked is “How is Matthew doing?” and “What’s going on with the blog?  Why haven’t you written?”  I am so sorry.  It has truly just been dealing with the bare necessities and trying to catch our breath.

Today Matthew received a large envelope of sunshine.  The hotel in Germany had been putting aside any mail that was still coming for Matthew and then forwarded them to us.  It was a pleasant surprise, instead of just the usual bills in the mail.  Matthew truly enjoyed the beautiful cards and letters of encouragement, prayers, and support for him.

Matthew was discharged from the hospital and the doctors were able to treat and stabilize the medical complications he was still enduring as the result of the ketamine coma.  So with the Grace of God, these new issues of tachycardia, hypothyroidism, tremors, and follow up treatment for pulmonary embolism, will resolve over time and with treatment.  Unfortunately, the epidurals, blocks, and infusions that Matthew received in the hospital in Philadelphia were unable to give him any long term relief for the RSD pain he is still enduring.  Matthew is without a doubt, in so many ways, definitely better than before he went to Germany.  Matthew has been freed of the brutal migraines that he was enduring 24/7; the RSD pain in his spine, throat, and hands has incredibly improved; he is able to tolerate sitting up in bed; and certainly enjoys being able to feed himself and eat regular food again.  He remains with a low level of RSD pain throughout his body, however, his feet are still excruciating and he is unable to walk.  Matthew also has a new area of intense and throbbing RSD spreading to his right ankle and his right lower leg, which has Dr. Schwartzman and all of us very worried, as it is critical to try to suppress this new spread of RSD.  Nobody knows better than Matthew how his life was before.  Dr. Schwartzman is sending Matthew to the Hospital of Special Surgeries in New York for further testing and evaluations of his right ankle and lower leg.  Matthew has no mobility of his right ankle at all and is unable to bear any weight on it. It is difficult after receiving so much relief in many ways to be still confined to bed. Hopefully there will be a way to get Matthew relief so as to move past this. It will take a long time to recover from all that he has been through as he is still weak.  So we are awaiting the appointment for New York that will probably be at the end of next week.  I will let you know the result of the visit. After that Dr. Schwartzman has another plan but we are taking one step at a time. Matthew has always been determined, and remains  focused and never willing to give up his hopes and dreams. For now things are just at a slower pace.

Our days continue to have many challenges and obstacles, but with the continued Grace of God, a door will open for Matthew.  May God watch over and bless each and every one of you for all that you have done for us!  Also, we pray for all of you, especially those who are enduring your own terrible battles and struggles with your health.

Forever Grateful,




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