A Happy & Healthy New Year!

Hello to all!

Matthew sends warmest wishes to all for a New Year filled with good health, peace, happiness and love.

So much has happened to Matthew this past year. He has been inspired knowing that so many beautiful people came to his aid when he was in very critical condition.

Following is where he is at today.

Thanks to all of you, Matthew’s daily quality of life has greatly improved since going to Germany.

The RSD battle continues along with other health issues caused by the RSD. There remain multiple challenges and frustrations. Some days he makes progress in one area only to endure a setback in another area. Matthew’s faith and personal determination continue to strengthen him in his efforts.

Matthew’s current medical treatment options are limited. Each one comes with its own high level of serious risks to him. He remembers only too well how his life was prior to receiving the ketamine coma. To have surgery that could exacerbate his RSD is not an option. (His doctors certainly understand his position.) We remain hopeful that a new, viable treatment option will come soon.

With your continued prayers and support, Matthew believes in his heart that he will eventually be able to do so much more in and with his life. – Thank you for devoting so much of your valuable time, efforts and resources to help him battle this monster of RSD.

We wanted you to know that our hearts are full of appreciation and that we will never forget the incredibly instrumental part that you played in helping to save our son, Matthew. The love and support that you gave us during this most difficult journey in our lives will remain in our hearts forever. Throughout this most incredible past year we have rekindled beautiful friendships, strengthened the bonds of current ones and made so many new ones for which we will always cherrish. We pray that these bonds of friendship will continue throughout our lifetime.

May God bless you all, always.

On these cold winter nights we pray that it brings warmth to your hearts to know that you have truly made an incredible and unforgettable difference in Matthew’s life.

Love to all,

The Irving Family     

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  1. Joanne says:

    A doctor in Ft Lauderdale is now doing the ketamine coma. My Dr here has been using IV Ketamine with Bier blocks and has helped my RSD tremendously. It is a rotten thing to have !! Blessings, Joanne

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